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Online Global VBAC Event

Due to COVID-19, many women and birth workers have stopped learning about VBAC due to the effects of self-isolation. We don't want this to happen. Let's keep learning about VBAC and still plan for one. 

    During this webinar you will cover

    • Nutrition in pregnancy

    • Something to think about and VBAC the right to choose a birth best suited to yourself.

    • VBAC & Caesarean stories and tips and advice

    • What a mother can do to reassure herself about having a VBAC

    • Facts about VBAC

    • Limiting beliefs and why it's important to  clear your mind. 

    • Empowerment to mothers

    • A few Videos & downloads... 


      Webinar Presenters

      Chanelle j. Campbell

      The founder of Naturelle VBAC & the VBAC Summit 

      Aishah Al Hajjar

      Founder of Amani Birth

      VBAC & C-section Mums

      Yvonne Omoni

      Transformational Coach

      Kathryn Jones

      Founder of Peaceful parenting Coach

      & VBAC & C-section mum

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