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An amazing opportunity for you to earn helping us save lives and Promote normal physiological births. 

Becoming an affiliate for the VBAC summit means we can extend our teachings all over the world to mothers who are forced to have a repeat c-sections against their will. It also means we can encourage more birth professionals to be VBAC ready and VBAC Supportive.

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THE ONLY EVENT for VBAC, globally?


stands for Vaginal Birth after caesarean.


We believe every mother should be given the chance to birth the way she feels is best for her and her baby. To feel safe and secure during pregnancy, labour and post birth. To have all her options presented to her so she can make an informed choice about the experience she wants to have. To be fully respected and not dehumanised because she chooses to birth her baby in a way that goes against hospital policies or individual birth professionals opinions. To have the best environment to birth in and to have continuity of care, but in the case that It's impossible, the professionals supporting her empower and encourage her every step of the way. 


Unfortunately, what I have just described is not the case. Valuable information is not given to these mothers, instead, this way of birthing is hidden from them, and they are treated like patients instead of mothers who are preparing for the most important time of their life, to give birth.


The VBAC summit is about supporting mothers to have the birth they want. To encourage mothers to seek the facts and know their birthrights, as well as, to encourage birth professionals to become VBAC Ready and VBAC Supportive, so mothers can BIRTH feeling safe which will in turn reduce the number of c-sections performed for non-emergency reasons.

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FACTS - Everything you need to know

Information about The VBAC Summit 2019 

We have provided all the summit dates below so you know what's happening.

The VBAC Summit


Access the VBAC Summit 2019 and all the speakers FREE gifts, the downloadable workbook. Listen to the birth poetry as well as listen to all the presentations.

The VBAC Summit lasts for 6 days


1st-6th March 2019

The EXTENDED Interviews


Access the VBAC Summit 2019's extended interviews. 



12th, 13th & 14th

March 2019


Live Webinar


Join us for a light conversation regarding VBAC and take part in the live Q&A session 


7th March 2019

The VBAC Summit 2019


If you missed the VBAC Summit 2019, don't worry about it.  Rewatch it on the dates shown below. 


22nd, 23rd & 24th March 2019

Online Global VBAC Event 2016

Receive 24hr access to our 2016 online event.

Receive the downloads and listen to all the presentations.


8th March 2019

The VBAC Summit


Access the VBAC Summit 2017 and receive the downloads and access all the presentations for 36hrs


9th, 10th & 11th

March 2019

What are the benefits for you?

The benefits of you becoming an affiliate:


Ultimate VBAC Summit Ticket £325

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  • Receive 15% which converts to £48.75 for every ticket sold after you've sold 6 ultimate tickets.* 

Premium VBAC Summit Ticket £54

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BASIC VBAC Summit Ticket £1.50

  • Earn 10% which converts to £0.15p every-time you sign up a client to the Basic package.
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* Every month the percentage you get will reset and you will start back on 10% until you complete your 6 ticket sales.

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Something you should know!!

V-B-A-C Stands for Vaginal birth after caesarean. We don't say a mother has failed her trial of labour and we don't hold back any information to hinder a mothers birth options. We provide education for professionals interested in becoming VBAC ready and VBAC supportive and for those who are against VBAC. We can give you 25 reasons why you should become VBAC supportive and 25 reasons why your views on VBAC are outdated and need to change.

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